The VidSpy Alpha Sessions On Expired Domain SEO Strategies

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Hi Guys, in this post we will be digging deep into VidSpy Alpha and you will discover not only how to use it but also strategies on using the domains that you find with it.

First let’s look at the benefits of VidSpy Alpha…

  • Gain An Unfair Advantage In Any Niche
  • Find Domains With Traffic Or With Domain Authority And Great SEO Metrics
  • Build PBN Sites Or Create 301 Redirects
  • Replicate Other Peoples Traffic Campaigns
  • Benefit From Other People’s Hard Work

As you go through the videos below you will come to find that all of this is accurate and not some hype for a sales page.But there are specific ways to use expired domains and we will be covering those in depth.First lets start with 301 Redirects…

Why we are starting here?

  • Quick and easy to do
  • No tech skills needed
  • Multiple strategies to use
  • Can be used aggressively (wait and see:)
  • Low cost seo experiments too
  • We need to get sites up first to get re-indexed and rebuild the authority
  • We have tools for both rebuilding sites fast with no extra content costs and also to do the redirects

So we have some rules…

  • 1Sites are being built immediately
  • 2We Rebuild The Sites From Archive Using Expired Domain Alpha WordPress Plugin
  • 3We Get Sites Indexed Fast
  • 4We let The Sites Mature For Several Weeks
  • 5We Test Multiple Strategies

I will rebuild With Wayback Machine, if you do not have Expired Domain Alpha then try to get at least basic pages done and run an auto blog on it.Using Expired Domain Alpha creates same URLs as was there previously which should mean that there are backlinks that go deep into the site and the best part is that it creates perfectly formatted sites in ONE click!

Get Re-Indexed Fast (Stick a Pin On This, It Will Be Covered In Session 3)

  • 1Send Initial backlinks (newspaper links, bookmarks, social signals, links from high traffic sites like quora,, wp rss xtreme, YT rss x, create short urls and ping and index. Add link to google plus and/or YouTube video description, get social reshares
  • 2Add to search console (optional)
  • 3Add videos from youtube and add video sitemap, image sitemap, xml sitemap, mobile sitemap and ping.
  • 4Leave the site to mature a little and recover.

The Strategies….

We will be using micro sites, expired blogspots,, YouTube in the strategies as well as boosting the redirect destination with expired twitter, instagram etc with high volume backlinks using link in the profile.So, in essence, we can use 301 redirects in 1st or 2nd tier type strategies and back it up with expired social profiles that have authority, backlinks and referring domains.

Two Types of Expired Domains We Are Looking For

  • 1High Quality With Clean Profile
  • 2High Link Volume

This can be broken down even more by the quality in each of these options.For example highest quality domains would have high domain authority and good ratio of referring domains to number of backlinks and we want to save for PBN sites and within that first category but we may find very clean expired domains with not so high domain authority and these can also be used for PBN sites.


Well, a real backlink profile to any main site will have a mix of quality of domains linking in. This would be natural and if all your links are coming from DA 35 sites then it starts to look unnatural quickly.What maybe more important is that the expired domains has some traffic and that gives us a third option as long as the backlink profile is clean.With VidSpy alpha we can have a good way to find traffic sites and the best part is that it really doesn’t have to be high volume traffic.So lets make a quick checklist of what we are looking for and before we get into that please be aware that i am using a group buy SEO membership to access tools like Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic and will be recommending this as it gives you access to all 3 of these tools for $24 per month instead of hundreds per month for each.

So what we are looking for:

  • Domain Authority
  • Relevant Domain Name
  • Clean Backlink Profile (Low Spam Score)
  • Ratio of Referring Domains To No’ Of Backlinks
  • Relevant Backlink Profile
  • Traffic To The Domains If Possible

The reality is that we will find domains that do not fit all of those points in the checklist so we want to build in extra strategies for using those that do fit some, if not most of them.Example again…We might find a domain that hasn’t got a great ratio of referring domains, it might have high volume backlinks but have a clean backlink profile with relevant domain name and backlinks.This type of expired domain can be used effectively for 2nd tier strategies using 301 redirects.This can be made super easy too but the best part is, that we can use more of them and more aggressively if we are smart.

This Weeks Webinar Training Strategies

Let’s Start With Some Simple 2nd Tier Strategies

With 2nd tier redirects we will test by using domains with high volume links and save our very best quality expired domains for PBN network which we will be working on with next weeks webinars

  • 1Redirect to Your Branded Social Profile That Links To Your Money Site… I will be using Twitter Account
  • 2Redirect to an expired blogspot with high Page Authority and relevant backlinks
  • 3Redirect to a YouTube Video That Links To a blog post
  • 4Redirect To Medium posts that link to specific blog posts
  • 5Redirect to microsites that have been set up to link to categories within a main site, this will give us 2nd tier high volume backlinks
  • 6All target properties being redirected to will get some additional SEO tests via backlinks or user behaviour signals

Lets Get Started With The VidSpy Alpha SEO Training Sessions!

VidSpy Alpha Sessions Part 1 – Benefits And Strategies Of Expired Domains

VidSpy Alpha Sessions Part 2 Keyword Strategies For Finding Expired Domains For SEO

Webinar 2 – What To Look For Before Buying Domains, Domain Registration Tips & Recreating Twitter Accounts

In this session we will cover some basics in a natural progression of tasks that we would do when searching for, finding and registering domains, through to some very basic keyword research for your content that you want to boost or rank with your 301 redirect.

Think of this as a checklist and it will make more sense.

You will start to see why using tools like Serpstat, ahrefs, Semrush can be so important in this session too. Whether it’s for domain filtering, getting keyword ideas, planning content these tools are hugely helpful.

The Google Doc Slide(Below The Videos) Has Been Updated For This Webinar Session Too!

Slides From TutorialsThese will be updated with every session!

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  • 6Expired Twitter Strategies For Affiliate Promos