New 3 in 1 Webinar Software At One Time Cost

Posted on October 5, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in Tutorials

HQWebinar is a new webinar software system that has been built on blockchain and can run three types of webinars.

  1. Live webinars, pretty much like GoToWebinar
  2. Semi Live Webinars
  3. And Pre Recorded webinars that you can schedule and have people sign up and watch webinars there and then or at an assigned time that you have set.

It was launched a few weeks ago and was at a one time cost throughout the funnel with one of the usells during launch week being a reseller license allowing people who bought this license to sell the webinar software at one time cost.HQWebinar now costs $97 per month for the full version and those that missed out will likely be paying monthly costs for systems like gotowebinar at around $200 to $500 per month.Heres a look at a comparison table at the time of launch (note that launch is over the HqWebinar software pricing mentioned in the image is no longer available)This is just the FRONT END features from the launch!

Having had the opportunity to run a few webinars now with HQ webinar i am pleased with it but it still has some bugs that need ironed out but it’s every bit as good as gotowebinar and in many ways better as it’s a system that’s designed by marketers for marketers.You can check out their full sales page here and that’s just for the front end features.We have reseller rights to the full features and we will be running a special promotion for the full features version at one time cost.However we have a limited number of licenses to sell and it’s first come, first serve.HQWebinar still provide support and technical assistance if and when needed and have a lively Facebook group where they discuss webinar sales and marketing strategies, new feature suggestions and a lot more.If you are paying monthly for any webinar software system then this is a second chance to get a brilliant tool at one time cost and save yourself thousands of dollars going forward, and have the flexibility to add some very cool marketing elements to your webinars.You can even charge for webinar attendees to watch with the built in feature to monetize your webinars and training.If you are interested to save thousands of dollars we are selling licenses for $297.00 one time cost but you need to connect with my support team to take advantage.

Here’s a 15 Minute Demo Of The System

Some of the features of the HQWebinar Software Are Great For Marketers, such as…

HQWebinar Review – Unique Features of HQ Webinar

Multiple CoordinatorsYou can invite up to 15 coordinators to the event. There are also the functionalities of controlling their micro, webcam and other resources.

Add Multimedia

It is an interesting thing when you can add videos and study resources from external websites to the webinar so that you can make the webinar exciting and eventful.

Remind Your Attendees

You will send continuously reminder emails and registration confirmation support for all your attendees. Even more, the updates will be sent within 24 hours before, 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

No Delays

Users have the right to get access to the instant live streaming. With minimum latency and access gaps, you can increase engagement rates and convenient feedbacks in real time.

True HD

The framework shares your video resources such as system screen, webcams or other video resources in a high definition mode.

Smooth Screen Sharing

These flexible screen sharing options allow you to customize the video sharing experience. Now you can share entire video screen or specific experiences from up to 3 resources at the same time.

Instant Chat Option

Let’s enjoy the real-time chat experience with your visitors using the chat boxes. They will feel free to ask their queries and doubts and you can solve them with the instant feedback.

Waiting Lounge

It is a virtual waiting room where your visitors can browse through useful information and resources when waiting for the event.

Recorded Events

All the events are recorded in HD format, so the information is ensured available for the attendees after the end of the webinar.

Replay Later

You can share the webinar experience with your attendees and other registrants

Detailed Stats

You have the report with statistical information. It contains the number of attendees, absentees, and the number of completions and dropouts.

Revolutionary Serverless BDN

HQ Webinar is not dependent on a single server. This system provides better speed and better performance to separate HQ Webinar from its competition.

Send your leads to different funnels or opt-in pages based on what answers they gave, giving you ultra-targeted lists and saleWe do not have a sales page of our own so it’s a case of us giving you payment details and after you have paid we will set up an account for you under the agency license that we have purchased.

This is a solid system, I have used others that crash and this doesn’t, it a great app that will save you a lot of money.I was paying for gotowebinar for years at approximately $2500 per year, you can get a similar system with extra marketing elements for a tenth of that for one time cost.

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