Low Cost Traffic Products That Get Results – Volume 1

Posted on July 14, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in Tutorials

I love keeping an eye on new launches to find great value traffic tools that have automation and that can if used correctly drive consistent targeted traffic for free or low cost.Sometimes I get review copies and sometimes I don’t feel; I can fit in a promo for them so I just go ahead and buy as least the front end so that I have the option to upgrade later.Most of the time the OTO pricing will stay the same.When you see a low cost front end offer on a launch (anywhere from as little as 7 bucks through to 47 bucks one time cost, I would class as low cost) it is because it’s designed to sell in volume.

The two main benefits to this for the product creators are:

  • Increased front end sales which equals more people on the email list…remember the money really is in the list!
  • To attract a lot of affiliate support due to high conversions which brings in more traffic to the sales [age and therefore higher sales volume

Love them or hate them, these type of launches can bring out some very cool tools at really low cost that are often similar to established tools that you would be charged monthly recurring costs to use.So I decided that it would make a very cool blog post series to do this type of post periodically with “traffic tools” from recent launches.Lets get started on some awesome low cost traffic products from recent Jvzoo and Warriorplus launches.

Pintra Empir

Tools like tailwind are premium pinterest tools that really do work and are worth the investment but if you are looking for a low cost alternative then this new tool from Pintra Empire could be the right solution.To get the best out of it you will need “some” of the upsells but be careful if using the curation tools within those upsells as you don’t want to copy and paste “as is” someone else’s content to your own sites.It does come with spinning but the best way to use this is to grow your pinterest traffic and you will be really surprised just how much traffic Pinterest can generate for your blogs.Pintra Empire is a good solution, they have $5 off coupon on the sales page so you can get it for just $22.00 which is great value, the upsells include some automation to get more followers, scheduling and other cool features and even with added costs of upsells its huge value compared to the more mainstream tools that cost you monthly.

Article Genie

Article Genie is a cool tool to both find content to curate and get traffic, it lets you create custom & unique content and mix and match sources including creating articles from YouTube Videos.

Some extra touch up would be required if taking the closed captions from a YouTube videos but it’s a handy addition.Quick Tip…Use this for niche sites for adsense to do “Traffic Poking”Traffic Poking is where you post content that’s easy and fast to create and then wait and see if it starts ranking and driving traffic.If you followed my previous posts on how to create thematic content or if you went through my content SEO course you will see how we can use this strategy effectively.

Once you start to see traffic then its time to rewrite the content or get someone to do it for you to make a great post that will rank and drive traffic long term, saving your time and money on writing services until; you know it’s worth spending time or money on :)You can insert your keyword and get a unique article out of it, You then have unique content that you can post on your site, just rinse and repeat to create unlimited content on a daily basis.There are upsells to make it more automated and drive traffic too, overall it’s a very handy little tool for the traffic poking strategy.The front end offer costs just $16.95

WP Auto Content

WP Auto Content is a curation tool that pulls content from multiple sources, again with the upsells you have traffic and more automation options.It can pull from article sites, video sites, ebay, amazon and other affiliate sites and insert your link into the content automatically.Again great for traffic poking on an affiliate level and its actually a very decent content curation tool too if used correctly.It costs just $22.00 if you use the $5 off coupon which is at the to of his sales page


This is a referral marketing web app that really does work well when used properlyYou reward people and incentivise sharing and growing your audience.This works like gangbusters in any niche and is in many ways similar to UpViral.Personally I like both, but Perkzilla is one time cost, and for people serious about building their audience fast via giveaways and competitions then either of these tools will work well.

WP Socimate

Social syndication is a must today especially to your branded accounts, this tool does so much more though.WP Socimate will grow REAL Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers for any site.It also provides your website AND your social profiles with 100% automated content from Facebook, Youtube, RSS Feeds, Instagram, and TwtitterPLUS it promotes your site to the social followers it grows to send 24/7 automatic traffic turning this into a great low cost tool.

Email Fire

This one is a course, but its about email marketing and if you are as smart as I think you are then you will be building a list on all your niches and blogs right?Email marketing is a fast way to drive targeted traffic to your blogs, sales pages and affiliate offers.However, many people get email marketing all wrong and fall into the same traps.Email Fire is a premium 4 week email engagement series. It is designed to take cold leads and build rapport, produce engagement and increase click through rates with your list. Tests for engagement and click through are built into the series.Email marketing is the highest converting traffic in my business and that’s probably the same for most marketers.This is why people add products to jvzoo at low cost, because its about list building.However., very few of them know how to do email marketing properly and they start to see open rates decline and unsubscribes increase.This course covers how to get higher open rates, how to bring back people who are unresponsive and more and it doesn’t cost much, in fact it’s only $12 but I have gone through this and it has some great tips that I will be using myself.Unsurprisingly it has ZERO Refunds because its a great course for just $20.00 its great value that will pay itself many times over.