13 SEO Plugins That Help With Ranking Factors Today

Posted on July 13, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in Tutorials

Choosing the right SEO plugins is important for any website owner.

I have listed 13 SEO plugins that i use myself on several of m,y niche blogs and business sites.

As this list is likely to expand in future we may do a part 2 later.

Here are some fun facts

  • 27% of all websites are using WordPress as their development platform
  • 4% of all websites are using Yoast SEO Plugin
  • In 2010 Google announced Page Speed Top Be a ranking factor
  • Nearly 40% of people search only on a smartphone
  • 89% of customers begin buying process from search engines
  • SEO friendly https is used by 45% of all websites
  • Check out more stats here


SEOPressor gathers the most essential SEO intelligence of your website and present them in one place.You can gain important insights to your website’s SEO health with crystal clear clarity.SEOPressor’s brand new algorithm is formulated based on semantic big data analysis of more than 3 billion rows of dataIt also measures your website’s semantic quality with its built in semantic analytic called SemantiQ™ Engine. Through calculating and measuring your website’s data, it is able to suggest how to strengthen your contextual signal for precise search engine interpretation.It gives you Maximum WordPress SEO control, for just $9 a month

Interinks Manager

An important on page SEO strategy is to build a smart and effective internal links structure, with an optimized number of internal links for each post, that are at the same time relevant for the search engines and natural for the readers.The Interlinks Manager plugin provides you a series of tools that helps you develop this structure, so you can increase your website visits, sell more products or convert more users.It Analyzes Your Internal Links and internal link opportunities.It calculates the link juice then gives you suggestions where to link to and from and you can create auto interlinks.In fact it will even tell you how many internal links you should have on each piece of content and where you should link from.It has a ton of features and costs $34.00 on codecanyon.

nTopic or RelevancyRank

Until recently I thought these were the same plugin rebranded but it seems to be two plugins that do the same thing, either one is great to use for giving topical relevancy and scoring your on page SEO. If you use SEOPressor then you may not need this oneCheck out nTopic or RelevancyRank

WP Socimate

Social syndication is a must today especially to your branded accounts, this tool does so much more though.WP Socimate will grow REAL Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers for any site.It also provides your website AND your social profiles with 100% automated content from Facebook, Youtube, RSS Feeds, Instagram, and TwtitterPLUS it promotes your site to the social followers it grows to send 24/7 automatic traffic turning this into a great low cost tool.This tool is off the market for right now

WP VideoSites

WP VideoSites plugin creates curated content on a new wordpress folder automatically which in turn links into your best content on your blog. This is an additional and creative way to add to your internal linking within your domain.

Viper Cache

Thus plugin really does work, it speeds up your site speed which is a major ranking factor. It’s something every wordpress user struggles with.Viper Cache will go some way to help solve your site speed issues.You can even use this for client sites and make money with it as it comes with agency license.

WP Link Control

WP Link Control is one of mine and is due an update soon, make sure you subscribe to my list to take advantage when we resell this tool which gives you bulk edit ability for all your external links and you can make dofollow or nofollow. You would be surprised how many dofollow links that build up to things like affiliate products which passes the link juice from your site.

WP Linkbuilder

This is a very basic tool that finds backlinks to your content and pings those backlinks to help them get indexed, they do have a pro version but it’s a bit pricey.

There is another similar plugin coming soon that goes much further and uses google properties for fast indexing of these links, I will inform subscribers on the list when this is released.

Click to check out WP Linkbuilder


Even if you use SEOPressor I like to use Yoast too for doing basic on site SEO via their settings. You can set a lot of sitewide settings done right with yoast and from time to time I even give away my own import settings for my blogs and niche sites.

WP RSS Xtreme

This is another one of mine, and it creates rss feeds for posts, categories and the whole site, it mashes these feeds into one and posts to feedburner which helps you get indexed fast.

However, it also pings your feed links and send the rss feed url to 24 RSS directories and also to 3rd party indexing services for a little bit extra power and syndication.

Check out WP RSS Xtreme

wp image rankr

This is an image optimization plugin that auto optimizes you images alt tag and description, compresses the image size and works with old posts too in one click. Check out WP Image Rankr


This is a membership but they do have a plugin for wordpress too. Syndbuddy can get you real shares on social media from almost 4000 members including Google Plus shares, Facebook shares, Twitter and more.

SEO Booster

This is an incredible plugin that has rank 7 traffic tracking combo with daily notifications for free Gets keywords from 450+ sources that may come to your site.With SEO Booster Plugin:

  • All your site traffic traffic is monitored.
  • Convert keywords to links in your content.
  • Automatic internal linking.
  • checkOverview that SEO Analytics software won’t give you.
  • checkUncluttered view of what brings traffic.
  • checkOverview of where you should work to improve SEO.

The Pro version has more powerful features. If this was in a launch it would be a major seller even with the free options