How To Use SEO Meta Tags To Get High Volume Traffic

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Unique Keyword Research Strategy To Find Easy To Rank Traffic Keywords

Discover How To Drive More Organic Traffic With This Outside The Box Automated Keyword Research Strategy Using Tags.”

In this tutorial I will show you a simple strategy using SEO meta tags to identify keyword phrases that bring traffic.Tags can play a huge part in driving a lot of traffic from search and adds more structure to your sites.When you add tags to a post then that post is indeed under that tags archive. And you are creating additional pages to your site in the background.This helps people and search engines find more related content on your site with that tag. These tag pages get indexed, they get found on Google and they are extremely rankable.Even more powerful is that when you use the same tags on multiple posts then it creates a more powerful internal link structure with deeper relevant tag pages that increases the chances of getting them ranked.

Ok so what we are doing here is this

Create a Traffic Scout Site for keyword research purposes.

We will later redirect this site (where, when and why later, its not what you may be thinking)

But not before we find our easy to keywords that have trafficWe will use my wp traffic scout plugin to make 100’s of posts (not thousands)

We will use a rank tracker to track the rankings And an Analytics plugin to track the trafficTo do this strategy we need a combination of plugins and i will add a list of these at the at the bottom of the post.One of the plugins is a new tool “WP Tag machine” that automates adding relevant tags for your complete website including older posts and pages.This tool can be really beneficial if used the way that i will show you to take the guesswork of of keyword research.But first let’s look at the more traditional benefits to using meta tags and why you should be using themTHEY MAKE YOUR SITE USER FRIENDLY…GOOGLE LOVES THAT AND IT CAN BOOST YOUR SEO

Do not underestimate how important this is and here’s an example from Google themselves on a similar topic


When Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Webspam Team) was asked, what is more important: “A XML sitemap or an HTML sitemap?” YouTube Webmaster Tools Video Matt answered a HTML sitemap. HTML sitemaps help both users and search engine crawlers. “It is always useful to have a HTML sitemap…”

This can be even more beneficial if you use questions as tags within your main site as long as the questions are answered within your content. It’s also a great way to optimize for featured and “people also ask” snippets that are being shown on over 12% of searches according to this post on Search Engine Land from a case study done by ahrefs where they analyzed 112 million keyword search results.And that brings us onto the second (of many) ninja tips that we can implement


It can also help you get found for specific tags that you were not even thinking to rank for by using the Tag machine automation…just set the maximum amount of tags to 10 and delete any suggestions that do not fit your content.You can also check the suggested tags from under the post editor to find even more related tags.


NOPE, because we have the option not to show these tags to visitors, that’s why we can take advantage of an Index, Dofollow html sitemap that is linked to from the footer of your site.Wait What? …Did You Just Say “Many” Ninja Tips?Yep, There’s More! And This Is One Is What I Would Call An SEO Classic …And One Of Those “Aha” Moments if You Pay AttentionBut we are getting a little advanced in the seo strategies here because this next ninja tip is designed to help you 10 x the power of


Notice that i said traffic keywordsHuh!Yep, so here’s how it goes…We will be using WP Tag Machine in combination with mass page building on a “temporary” site to identify keywords that are easy to rank for and that have traffic so that you can use these on your main sites with quality content.Let’s call this the Traffic Scout tagging strategy but before you run to start doing it there are some nuances and tactics to get the most out of this.We will use my WP traffic scout plugin and generate Hundreds (can be thousands if you really want) of pages (and that’s pretty powerful on it’s own when used on temporary traffic scouting sites, but we 10 x it by adding to the mix… WP Tag Machine 2.0Remember That WP Tag Machine 2.0 is able to auto tag ALL of your posts on the fly.

Why 10 x the power?

Because we will use the automated settings to add 10 relevant tags automatically for every post.So we have taken the initial power of WP Traffic Scout and added automated relevant tags for every single post, plus we add to the mix the HTML sitemap, and in the traffic scout site we will NOT hide the tags for the posts in the WP Tag machine settingsTo avoid confusion, this is a keyword research strategy and to do this strategy we need to be using a site that is not a main site or money site, It’s purpose is solely to tell us what keywords we can rank for with zero or backlinks and which of those bring TRAFFIC.We will expand the strategy to include fast easy backlinks later to find even more traffic keywords.

How do we know what keywords and pages have traffic?

Simple, we use an analytics plugin and that will tell us.

i will mention below in a resources section all plugins and links (we won’t use google analytics but to be honest i think it would not harm us if we did, maybe worth a test later!)

But, there’s even more… So much more that we are going to go full Ninja on Google

… Because this is fun, and we “SEO’s” like to have a bit of fun every now and again huh?Full Ninja requires a couple more plugins and some SEO smarts


There are three things we need to consider first though and that is the 3 types of keyword results we get back from this “Traffic Scouting” campaign.Once we have found the traffic keywords we will make a note of them and we will know which keywords that we can build content around for our money site.The keywords that are ranking on page one but NOT bringing in traffic are pretty useless wouldn’t you agree?Yep, and right there in that one sentence “destroys” a bunch of so called “Guru’s” hyped up sales page bullshit!Hehe, told you this would be fun!

And there is a third type of keyword and this is possibly or very likely to be the most important one!

What is it?

It’s the keywords that you maybe ranking below page 1 all the way down to page 5, heck you could even go down to page 10

Why are they important?

The lack of page one rankings (but having made some progress) suggests…

  • There is competition for the keyword
  • There is likely traffic there if you can get it ranking
  • You have already started making “some” progress
  • checkThat means we may just need a few simple SEO tweaks to push it up
  • checkIf we add some of the right SEO tweaks there could be some nuggets there that we can benefit from long term and profit (think adsense, amazon monetization too)

What SEO tactics do we use to check quickly?

Well actually there are multiple ways to do this but we want to find fast, simple, easy SEO that takes minutes to set up.Traffic Scouting should be fast, easy and uncomplicated all the way through.

To get my top 5 ways to do this and boost the keywords that you started to find rankings for but that didn’t reach page one all you have to do is buy WP Tag Machine 2.0 from my link

But I won’t leave you empty handed and we are not yet finished.

Here is the initial step by step for Traffic scouting split into two parts with a option for a part 3 later.

On The Traffic Scout Site We Will Be 100% Automating:

  • MassPage Building
  • Auto Tagging
  • Automated Interlinking Posts
  • checkSite wide Internal Links Via HTML Sitemap 
  • checkAutomated Rank Tracking
  • checkTraffic Analysis
  • checkAutomated Image Optimization

That’s quite a mix and super powerful on site and on page SEO fully automated to help us get rankings and find the traffic keywords and phrases.Did you grasp how powerful this is?

To Automate All Of This On The Traffic Scout Site Add The Following Plugins:

  • WP Tag Machine to add 10 automated tags to every post
  • WP Traffic Scout to do mass page building with image, text and video and spin your content.
  • Backlinks Saver we will need this later in the strategy
  • WP RealTime Sitemap adds additional site structure with links to your posts with internal linking.
  • SEO Booster does multiple things including analytics on your posts and pages as well as telling you what keywords people used to find your site from the search engines.
  • WP RSS Xtreme to do some simple but ninja rss syndication with feeds from posts, category, your site as a whole and you can add in some authority RSS feeds and your YouTube channel RSS feed too. It will then mash the feeds into one url, post that url on feedburner and will ping your links and index via RSS directories behind the scenes too.
  • WP Image Rankr with add your keyword to every page using the post title.
  • WP Indexer for indexing your posts and interlinking posts by tags or category which crates another back end site structure.
  • WP Rapid Indexer to submit your sitemap with latest posts to bing, google and others after your posts have been done.
  • All in one seo plugin for traffic scout to auto optimize each post 
  • long-arrow-rightWP Rankr to track your rankings
  • long-arrow-rightCategory exclusion plugin to make sure all these posts don’t show in navigation of your sidebars or just don’t add posts there on sidebar.
  • long-arrow-rightAny related posts plugin that you like and add to show 3 related posts at the bottom of your post
  • long-arrow-rightA trackback or pinback plugin

To start before you do content activate backlink saver, the sitemap, SEO Booster, RSS Xtreme, WP Indexer, Image Rankr and Tag Machine.Do the settings for each, the ones to watch out for are to use 10 automated tags in tag machine, optimize all posts in tag machine and image rankr.

To start on your mass page building…

You need to take keywords that your competitors are ranking for.if you have access to a tool like ahrefs or SEMrush this is good but a lower cost solution is Rival Keywords.Rival keywords gives three types of keyword options.Take all 3 if using that tool and if you have Optimization Alpha or any other tool that can give you questions around your keyword then add the questions to the mix as well.


Add these keywords as titles in WP Traffic Scout.


Create some content that is relative to your keyword in spintax format


Add an image and video, again using Traffic Scout.


Add a link to your category page at the bottom of the post


Add some hashtags with question phrases in your content


Post with Traffic Scout


Run WP RSS Xtreme for your category after all posts have been done


Run WP Rapid Indexer


Now we have to wait, and i mean wait for up to 2 weeks to get a proper outlook.


In the meantime watch your analytics and rank tracking daily with SEO booster and WP Rankr

You can get WP traffic Scout, WP RSS Xtreme if you buy WP Tag Machine up to OTO 3 from my link. More details at the bottom of this post

When we start to see results we can start to see both keywords that are ranking and keywords that have traffic.We are not looking for hundreds of ranking keywords with zero traffic, we are looking for much fewer keywords that have ranking and TRAFFIC.When you have identified these you can add these to a list that you will use when creating money site content.

Check out this video on Advanced Traffic Scouting

On Your Money Site I Recommend

  • WP 404 Redirect To Similar Post or a plugin that allows you to redirect all 404 to a specific page or category page (Optional) 
  • SEO Booster
  • plusWP RSS Xtreme
  • plusWP Tag machine
  • plusWP Image Rankr
  • plusSet up onlywire with all sites (get it done on fiverr) and add your main wordpress money site rss feed to it.
  • plusGet IFTTT network built on fiverr with branded accounts all linking to your money site and using RSS feed from your money site to trigger syndication.

There is an optional Part 3 which i will do as an extra bonus but again adds more power to the strategy on the money site 

  • On your money site you want to get a high quality article written using all of your keywords in the article that have traffic and rankings.
  • Use some as subheadings within your article.
  • Add Traffic keywords to your tags.
  • angle-double-rightAdd a video on youtube with ONE link that links back to your post
  • angle-double-rightAdd some outbound links to YOUR YouTube video that links back to your post and if you can find an infographic to embed that can be another outbound link.
  • angle-double-rightCreate some internal links to your new post too when its published.
  • angle-double-rightRun Vid Attack Alpha campaigns to your video
  • angle-double-rightRun 300 to 500 video sharing site links to your youtube video as second tier links.
  • angle-double-rightRun WP Rapid Indexer and WP RSS Xtreme after posting.
  • angle-double-rightGet social shares from Syndbuddy
  • angle-double-rightCheck that onlywire has picked up your RSS feed and syndicated the post to networks in your account.
  • angle-double-rightIf your keywords are high traffic I recommend do a press release on konker to get 400+ referring domain links to your post too, it costs $40 but that’s a small amount to pay for high traffic keywords.

Want to see the step by step video series of me doing this?

All you have to do is purchase WP Tag machine from my link below and there are different bonuses for different OTO purchases, and if you buy up to the OTO 3 you can also get Traffic Scout Plugin which we sell at $97.00To get more information on Tag machine bonuses check out this review post

If you want to see the part 3 of this strategy you need to buy the OTO 3Part 3 is even more advanced.I will only be able to do this in 2 to 3 weeks from now as we are currently recording the local agency courses as mention in my video above, but i will show you how to take it much further and give you a brand new traffic scout template to import whenever you want to do this strategy.I will build this template when i do the video step by step.To get Full bonus details check the review post for WP tag machine