Beyond The Rank & Rent Local SEO Model

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Check Out My RankAttack Local Preview Video

I just added this video to the original blog post to give you more insight to the business model on this page which we will be covering in more depth in an upcoming course in 3 to 4 weeks called RankAttack Local.

This will give you a good idea of the stuff we will be covering and i will set up a digital marketing agency for less than $1000 as part of that course 🙂

I think we can all agree that it’s important for any business to have multiple income streams.For quite some time now I have been thinking to set up a Digital Marketing Agency that is not just local business based but worldwide as its easy to connect and communicate with clients all over the world.The first thing most SEO guys think about is the Rank & Rent business model where you get a video or a bunch of videos ranking and when there’s traffic you rent it to a business that wants the traffic.At least I hope that you do check if it has traffic!In this post I want to look beyond the Rank and rent model and instead focus on other services that you can also offer with scalability and profitability being the focus.To do that we really need to have an easy and fast way to manage this that will produce a steady flow of fresh leads and sales, which means that ideally we will put in place a funnel that attracts leads and converts them into long term paying customers.Now full disclosure here, the agency business is not new to me, in fact I was doing this long before I started making softwares and courses and I brought in significant money for my clients.

So why did I stop?

Well, it wasnt to start making software products and SEO courses lol, that wasn’t the main reason anyway, it was more of a consequence of my decision to stop the agency business model.It was because I hadn’t set the business up properly, and I found that time and time again I was being asked to do an unreasonable amount of time consuming tasks for the money that we were charging.In short, I felt like an employee rather than a business owner.The solution is something I have been thinking about for quite some time too and that is to offer specific services for a specific amount of money.Or to put it more openly “this is what we will do for this amount of money” and anything else is an upsell.The other problem with the agency model is scalability and for the same reasons too. Time is short, and if you really want to scale then you really have to offer fast, easy to do services and at reasonably low cost early in your funnel.

Fast and easy to do allows for scalability

Low Cost early in the funnel ensures a financial turnover to start building up the business.As you get more established then this can change by introducing new funnels with higher costs much earlier in the funnel, but to my mind it’s always good to have that low cost entry for services that are in high demand and easy and fast to do.It’s about sales volume with this business model and it appeals to am much bigger market.So what services can we offer that are fast and easy enough to allows us to sell at affordable prices and scale the business without feeling like an employee, having your time sucked by clients that ask for things that go beyond reasonable tasks for the money charged?

Let’s start with what’s in demand

  • Website Design
  • SSL Certificates
  • Lead Generation
  • checkVideo Script Copywritin
  • checkPress Releases
  • checkGDPR (European Clients and Those Who Target European Countries, Don’t Forget ecom Stores Too)
  • checkSite Speed
  • checkReputation Management
  • checkViral Marketing Campaigns
  • checkLanding Pages

That’s just a few from the top of my head, but the great news is that every single one of those can be done quickly and easily and there are low cost solutions available to you right now that won’t cost an arm and a leg.Here are some very decent quality solutions that are available right now at really low cost you can keep prices down and still bank a decent profit with allowing you to scale up.So let’s also score these services at the same time….With the assumption that YOU KNOW WHERE to look for clients and contact them with a super easy system that I will show you later in this post…And of course that you are using the products that I am suggesting as a solution to do the service fast, at low cost and with scalability.I will do the scoring on a percentage basis for simplicity, profitability, speed to do the service the higher the percentage the better obviously.

Here’s what we will score

  • Demand For The Service
  • Your Costs
  • Easy and Fast To Do
  • angle-double-rightScalability
  • angle-double-rightProfitability
  • angle-double-rightAbility To Upsell Related Service

Website Design

<p “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>Let’s Start With Some Small Business Stats

    <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>More than 30% Local Businesses do not have a website. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>Of those 47% don’t have a website because of lack of technical skills or resources to invest in one. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>42% consumers won’t buy from a poorly designed website. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>75% of consumers admit that they judge the credibility of a business based on their website design. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>According to Google’s data, 68% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphone go to a store within 24 hours, and nearly 50% make a purchase within a day. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>543,000 new businesses get registered in the US every single month and they need a website. <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-163fe3fe4be” tve-droppable”=””>There Is STILL A Huge Demand For Local Business RESPONSIVE WEBSITES That Generate Leads in 2018!

As the stats say, there are many businesses that do not have a website as of today. There are 540,000+ new businesses being created every single month in the US alone.Somebody has to create a website for these businesses!Why not you?

One final stat that any business owner needs to be aware of is that 75% of consumers admit they judge the credibility of a business based on their website design.

Tigerpress Local Business themes, it costs just $67 for 15 local niche themes and they have some really awesome, built in SEO features with their “Local SEO Engine”.The themes look great, they are very professional looking and super fast and easy to set up.

You can hire a guy on fiverr who will charge just $20 a site to set up for you allowing you to profit big and keep on marketing and building your business.

Yes they do have some upsells but when you look at the profit margins with this then just one sale pays for all of the upsells and you have a ready made business in a box.

What Can You Charge For These Local Niche Websites?

Anywhere between $250 to $2500, it depends on your business model and for me I rather go with $250 or $500 to sell in volume rather than get the odd sales now and then which doesn’t allow me to scale fast.

Remember that getting them in the funnel allows for more upsells and ask you and your clients get to know each other then you become their goto guy for anything online.The fact is that there are still tons of businesses and service providers that do not have a website or want a better quality website, its a huge market with the right approach.

Time needed to set up a site?

If you pay the fiverr guy then it’s just a matter of giving him the cpanel info and ordering his gig

He will do the work and deliver it within 2 or 3 days

  • Demand For The Service – 90%
  • Your Costs – 90%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 90%
  • check-square-oScalability – 90%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 100%

SSL Certificates

This is a hugely important service and its super easy to do with a decent profit margin.

Every website needs to have a secure site and I would estimate that a very high percentage have no idea or don’t know how or where to get it or how much should be paid for it.

Google will start to penalize sites without SSL and give preference to sites that have it, this has to be the angle when marketing the service and rightly so.

This is something you can outsource on fiverr for 10 bucks.

LocalProfits360 is a web app i will be talking about later in this post which tells you instantly if people have SSL ot not when you do a search for niche and location, its a very cool tool to have and costs just $27 for the front end!

You can also see my awesome bonuses for this tool available while the launch is still on here

What Can You Charge For Providing An SSL Certification (Secure Site) Service?

Anywhere from $5 to $100 would allow for high volume sales in my opinion but that really is just an opinion, perhaps even $250 would work, but for me I would charge $50 and “consider” to raise the price if the demand is there. 

  • Demand For The Service  – 90%
  • Your Costs – 100%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 90%
  • check-square-oScalability – 90%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 90%

Local Video Script Copywriting

This is a very cool service for Video marketers to offer clients, remember than 99.9% of clients with have zero awareness of copywriting basics and you can charge big bucks for this.

However, this take a little more time and effort but thankfully there is a simple solution

Nick Mancuso just this week released the first ever local video script maker, kinda similar to scriptdoll (which costs $197 per year) but for local and its selling right now at just $22.00 one time cost.It’s probably not a high demand service if you are offering multiple services like I suggest and unless that is your main focus then this is not going to be your biggest seller, it’s a great service to be able to provide though and adding that to your services page will be a great addition.

My gut feeling is that the key to this service is making sure you rank for related keywords about the service and you can do that with the RankAttack SEO strategies.

What Can You Charge For This Video Script Writing Service?

I would say $250 to $500 if using the video script maker tool

  • Demand For The Service – 50%
  • Your Costs – 90%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 60%
  • check-square-oScalability – 50%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 70%

​Press Releases Services For Businesses

I remember when I had my previous recruitment agency business which was doing well until the financial crash in 2008 I hired an australian firm to create a video and do a press release for me.

I had no idea how easy or hard this would be to do and I was happy to pay a professional to take care of it for me and ensure maximum exposure.

We wanted to break into the the Australian market for providing skilled professionals for jobs that were in high demand but with a serious skills shortage within the country. As it turned out this actually worked really well and we got some large orders for several hundred meat boners and welders for Australian firms that were worth in value of orders well over 6 figures.

The press release cost  $750 AUD and the Video if I remember correctly was around $1500 AUD

Now things have progressed a lot since then and these days it’s not going to cost YOU anywhere near $750 for a press release or $1500 for a video…unless you are looking to prove really high quality videos of course that you hire a professional to do for you…there are great solutions for much less than that.

When I connected with this Australian PR company I was searching for “PR company” in Australia, I wasn’t searching for press releases or video production, it just happened that he upsold me the video and I had no hesitation in buying the upsell for a branded company video.

You can get high quality press release service that are written for you for around $55 on and that will deliver around 400+ links, get you on Google news and on page one of google for a while.

If your an advanced marketer you might have some super ninja strategies for newjacking for your own business and your clients…that takes a bit of creativity but there are plenty of existing case studies around the web from top quality marketing agencies that can give you some ideas…that advanced service its top dollar and not what I want to focus on here, perhaps I will cover it in a course someday in future.

The demand for this service should be reasonably high, it really depends on your approach and your angle which I will cover in my RankAttack Local course in the next few weeks. With my methods that I will cover in the course I would say the demand becomes a lot higher and the profitability is really good too.

Also in the course I will reveal where you can get PRweb press releases for about half price and those the top of the range distribution.

What Can You Charge For This High Quality Press Release (PR) Service?

​For PR web then around $750For a Press Release I would say around $200 to $350 depending on who you are targeting.Here is the scoring as I see it (without the RankAttack Local methods revealed here)

  • Demand For The Service  – 70%
  • Your Costs – 70%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 70%
  • check-square-oScalability – 75%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 70%

GDPR Compliance Service

(European Clients and Those Who Target European Countries, Don’t Forget ecom Stores Too)

This one is interesting, its new and it’s something I would guess that most website owners who are not marketers know very little about.

The scalability of this is unlimited as its so new and the potential audience is absolutely massive.

There are multiple solutions available to you to provide this service from wordpress plugins to web apps that give you a code to add to any sites.

What’s a little bit less know about is that ecom and membership sites are there to be targeted too, and these are not always being run by marketers like you and me.

There are two ways to do this, either sell them a solution with an affiliate link or provide the service.

In this case I would rather provide the service with a form to collect info needed immediately after purchase. That way it’s a straight forward service and you can train a an assistant to do this for you.

This low cost plugin adds GDPR to member sites and ecom sites

This tool adds GDPR to any sites including non wordpress sites

What Can You Charge For This GDPR Compliance Service?

​Honestly I would go low with this as the market is probably saturated but more importantly it creates an additional very easy opportunity to provide low cost entry into your funnel for potential long term clients. I would charge $50 max for this for that reason alone.In fact you can find this service being offered on fiverr from as low as $100 all the way up to $500.Who do you think gets the most business and gets more people into their funnels for future services…the guy charging 10 bucks or the guy charging 500?

  • Demand For The Service – 90%
  • Your Costs – 90%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 90%
  • check-square-oScalability – 95%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 70%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 90%

Site Speed

​This is another service that I would hire someone else to do, but you can do some basics with plugins if clients have a WordPress site.Tools like Vyper cache and WP Optimizer are great new additions to the market and allow you to charge money for installing and speeding up sites to a degree.They cost about $47 per year too which is low costOn fiverr it will cost $100+ to get someone who really knows what they are doing and I highly recommend that you avoid the low cost options for this service.

​What Can You Charge For This Site Speed Improvement Service?

I would suggest between $250 to $500 with the higher end of that being most likely for me to charge.

Its a professional job that’s needed and those guys are not cheap tom outsource.

You want to make at least 50% profits on it too

  • Demand For The Service – 60%
  • Your Costs – 70%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 70%
  • check-square-oScalability – 75%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 70%

Reputation Management

​This is actually a huge topic.Many people think its about drowning out negative comments, reviews or mentions of a brand. It’s actually much, MUCH bigger than that.The negative drowning is actually pretty straight forward if your willing to use some blackhat tactics and strategies, but proper reputation management is monitoring long term and creating a positive brand vibe consistently.I will cover this in more detail in the upcoming RankAttack Local course as its quite a deep topic and you can get REALLY creative with it.

​What Can You Charge For A Quality Reputation Management Service?

This is a recurring fee model and I would not be looking for clients for this that were willing to pay less than $500 per month.

This is best kept as a service for large companies and avoid the odd guy who has been slagged off for providing a bad experience.

  • Demand For The Service – 60%
  • Your Costs – 60%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 50%
  • check-square-oScalability – 50%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 80%

Viral Marketing Campaigns

​Now this is an interesting topic and a great service to offer.Even better, is that it’s super easy to do if you present it properly.There are tools that are SO GOOD that you can use that are again low cost and easy to use.

Quizitri from Andy Fletcher is a new one and it’s kinda similar to my Lead genesis tool in that it segments leads and allows to follow up with cambridge analytica style campaigns. Where you determine from the quiz their personality type or their interests and you funnel your follow up messages and content and offers to fit their exact interests.

It’s a great tool, it’s probably misunderstood or many people are maybe not grasping the enormity of the strategy, I love this tool and its made from a quality vendor.

Quizitri is in launch right now and is available for a one time cost but after launch it will cost monthly. 

Check out my awesome bonuses for Quizitri

Perkzilla form Promotelabs is awesome too, this tool works with the reward/referral marketing approach and increases your audience size the more you have people share the offer in order to get something for free.

It’s a time tested marketing strategy that really does work very, very well.

Perkzilla is a one time cost and again from a top quality vendor.

UpViral from Wilco de Kreij  is another that works on the referral marketing strategy and is a little bit more expensive as its a monthly cost but you cannot argue with the case studies that Wilco has put out or the quality of his follow up content.

Wilco is a top marketer and his tool are high quality.

​What Can You Charge For These Viral Marketing Services?

I would suggest the higher end per campaign and use this as the end part of your funnel as I will show in the RankAttack Local course which will probably be in the advanced upgrade part of that course.

It’s not hard to do but it’s high value and done properly there will be some paid traffic used too.

I would charge around $1500 to $2500 per campaign and with increased costs depending on results and all agreed beforehand.

The demand for this type of service is actually very high and with the right approach getting clients for this is very achievable.

  • Demand For The Service – 80%
  • Your Costs – 90%
  • Easy and Fast To Do – 90%
  • check-square-oScalability – 80%
  • check-square-oProfitability – 90%
  • check-square-oAbility To Upsell Related Service – 90%

Landing Pages

Believe it or not this is a huge opportunity and a huge market.

Don’t believe me?

Go and have a look at clickfunnels or LeadPages sales materials,  sales pages and their paid traffic campaigns and see WHO they are targeting Its not marketers they are targeting, its businesses and we can learn a lot from HOW they are doing it.

More importantly they have been doing this for a long time which tells us that its working well for them.

Sure they will do the initial launch to the marketing community with launches but then they expand out to more mainstream audiences that would benefits from their funnel and landing page software.

There are some lower cost and one time cost solutions that are perfect to get started and maintain quality.

Local Landing Page Profits” is a great product.

In fact its in Launch right now at a discount and priced at just $19 for 10 landing page WordPress themes.

Local Landing Page Profits consists of WordPress landing pages optimized for PPC advertising campaigns for local businesses. 

The Local Landing landing pages cover a total of 10 niches that are proven to spend big bucks on PPC. This saves time knowing what niches are spending big already and offering them compliant advertising landing pages is a super simple but very helpful and profitable service to offer.

An optimized landing page would have

  • A contact number on the site
  • An email address displayed
  • A contact form on the website
  • Proven copy to convert visitors to leads
  • The physical address
  • Provide the location on google maps
  • A strong Call To Action

There are thousands of local businesses spending hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars on SEO and PPC every single month.

How many Local Business owners in these niches do not know what an optimized Landing Page should look like or has the skill level or even the time to research and put one together?

This is also an opportunity if you have Lead Genesis, my new WordPress plugin that segments the audience according to questions asked.

Now I took this further by adding extra elements for online niches as well as businesses but the basic version is perfect for lead generation for businesses and it will also send out a notification to you and your clients to tell you both if you have a high priority or lower priority lead.

The beauty is that you can add your own questions and score the answers that will determine what the difference is between high priority leads that are ready to spend money now and lower priority inquiry type leads and that allows your client to be more efficient with who to follow up with first.

I will build a web app version of the plugin as it can really benefit from being a web app on a super fast server that can handle a lot of traffic and with built in mailing systems and so much more.

The bad news is that I stopped selling it for the time being BUT  the good news is that it is offered as a bonus on some affiliate promotions that I do.

In fact you can get the basic or the advanced versions right now if you buy LocalProfits360 which is a web app that does some really awesome local marketing recon and it costs just $27.00 for the front end version.

This tool allows you to search and find prospects for your services and you can use it for mailing with outreach templates offering your services and it even does in depth reporting to tell you if they have SSL certificates, if they have reputation problems that could be improved, it will tell what they competition is and how well their competition is doing with video marketing and so, SO much more.

For $27.00 its really worth buying the front end offer and upgrade to the other upsells later if you need to, it’s just too good not to have.

Back in 2010 I bought a tool on warrior forum that was similar, it was low cost as they were just launching it and if you try to buy that tool today you would have to pay thousands of dollars for it.

This is a similar opportunity and han Fan has done a brilliant job with this web app. Its fast, its super easy to use and its well thought out to help you get leads on autopilot.

They did a case study which increased their local services sales by 498% and they increased their leads by five than what they were getting before.

This makes things way more efficient and allows you to highlight services that you can scale as I have highlighted above for you.

Check out my blog post and see all of my bonuses for LocalProfits360 here

Things To Consider For Your Digital Marketing Agency 

As more businesses start to understand the need for marketing online they also learn pretty quickly that landing pages and calls to action are essential for building their brands and their businesses.

Now this can be simple like using Instabuilder for example or it can be more complex using tools like clickfunnels or Convertri or similar tools

Lead genesis provides a low cost solution and easy access with LocalProfits 360 as a bonus and I know that from previous versions of this strategy it blows the mind of the client when they see it in action.

A word or warning through.

You will find that some potential clients want you to partner with them, often this is a sign that they don’t have money to spend on marketing, and in my experience, when people are desperate they do desperate things and some underhand things that they might not normally do.

Don’t fall for this,.

If they want your services they need to pay for it, and no amount of promises and big ideas should get in your way and distract you from your own business model.

Besides, you will  truly become an underpaid employee if you get involved with that sort of deal.

Stand your ground, know your value and if it really does seem genuine and tempting then get a large retainer for your services and agree a proper financial package.

If a business is genuine, has good cash flow and can see your value, then they will be able to pay, and they will pay extras on results, but it’s never all or nothing on results as it takes time to get results for any serious long term plan.

I will do a 2nd part of this post later and we will highlight some more cool tools that can really help you build a local digital marketing agency at really low cost.