More Easy and High Profit Services To Offer Local Clients

Posted on June 7, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in Tutorials

In Yesterday’s post I showed some high profitable services that you can offer to clients using our Alpha SEO tools.

Today I want to cover some additional services that you can offer using low cost products that you can buy today for a one time fee and charge monthly fees for just a few minutes work.

Lets get started.


WordPress Site Security

Tool: WP ShieldMateCost: $12.00Time To Set Up: Complete WP Security In 60 Seconds (cool plugin)

Did you know that there are over 90,978 hacking attempts on WordPress sites happening every minute?

And 81% of those attacks are based on insecure or stolen passwords.

The good news is: with this proven security plugin even if somehow the hacker manage to know your password,he still can’t login to your site!

Quick Tip:This is something that you could charge one time fee for or use as part of an overall service that you charge monthly.


Pro Quality WordPress Website With CTA

Tool: TigerPress ThemesCost: $67.00Time To Set Up: About 30 Minutes

This is 15 high quality local niche themes and has some incredible local SEO built in with their Local SEO Engine including Schema, Automated Image SEO, Mass Page Building, Maps Integration and More.They have some great designs and colour schemes and the sites look great with nice call to action areas built in.

Quick Tip:Get a Cool Logo Done From This Lady On Fiverr for $5.00 If you buy the $5.00 Offer some upsells appear AFTER you selected to purchase and she offers a full set of social media headers for Twitter, Facebook etc giving you a total cost of around $16.50 if I remember correctly, and that’s lower cost than what’s on the main fiverr gig offer BEFORE you choose to buy JUST the logo 🙂


Message Broadcasting

Tool: LeadcasterCost: $97.00

Use This Proven Client Getting System From Leadcaster to get business owners calling you or your clients. This step by step system puts your marketing message in front of 200 business owners daily.Quick Tip…Follow their step by step system closely for best results, but try to offer specific services and tasks for a set price. This helps avoid being sucked into feeling like an employee which holds your own business back and makes it impossible to scale.Get LeadCaster Here


​Increase Site Speed Load Time

Tool: Viper CacheCost $47 Per YearTime to Set Up: Less Than 1 Minute

This tool actually works really well, they have tons of case studies on their sales page and I tested it myself. They have additional upsell;s for another plugin called WP Optimiser which again is low cost but Viper Cache is what I found simple and easy to use and I was able to speed up load time on the sites that I have installed so far.


​Lead Generation

There’s multiple ways of doing this and some of the best ways are going to cost either time or money, so you need to make sure that you charge accordingly and offer set tasks or services for a set amount of money so that you don’t follow into the trap of feeling like an employee.

Tool: Lead Genesis (one of mine)Cost: $47.00


You Need Traffic For Lead Generation

Here’s some quick tips…

  • Use The Youtube Ad Placement Tool In Traffic Scout Alpha to find thousands of videos that are relevant to your keywords that you can advertise on with YouTube Ads,
  • Check Out 1. The Facebook Ad Optimiser Tool (from time to time available on at low cost, or…2. adespresso or…3. the campaign maker web appThese tools are great to help with easy Facebook advertising, split testing and auto ad optimization with the first option being preferred if you can get a deal on it on appsumo.

Quick Tip:Again, this is something that you could charge one time fee for or use as part of an overall service that you charge monthly.