Fast SEO Services You Can Do Using Alpha SEO Tools

Posted on June 6, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in Tutorials

Over the years we have built up quite a collection of tools within tools on our Alpha SEO software suites.Each suite was built with one complete strategy in mind to maximize what you can do with each. For example:Video Synd Alpha (which was the first Alpha tool) was designed to get links on Video sharing sites.

To build this strategy out we added:

  • Automated Video Sharing Site Account Creation
  • Web 2.0 Embeds Posting Tool With Account Creation
  • Social Bookmarks Posting Tool With Account Creation
  • check Advanced RSS Seo Made Push Button Simple
  • check A Competition Analyser To Check Out Your Competition And Score The Difficulty For Keywords

This gives a more complete approach to a strategy and there is NOTHING that takes more than a few clicks or 10 minutes max set up time for a campaign (often much less time needed).The idea was always to make tools that are easy to understand, fast to set up campaigns and allow you to scale your SEO using automation with as little effort as possible.

Some people may think they are blackhat tools but let me correct you right there if that’s what you are thinking…

  • Yes they can be used as black hat tools
  • No, they do not have to be used as blackhat tools
  • Yes you can use them for white hat seo too
  • How you use the tools is entirely up to you

Now this isn’t a sales pitch for my Alpha tools, but it it a reminder to existing customers of the power of these tools and to provide some suggestions on how to make money with them.Let’s take a look at some awesome (10 minute) SEO & Traffic generation services that you can offer local businesses, on gig sites, outsource services sites or larger nationwide businesses with massive profit potential!


Rank & Rent (or Sell)

This Is A Zero Backlinks Rankings Strategy With User Signals Being Used To Rank Videos & Web pages

Tool Used: Vid Attack AlphaSet Up Time: 3 MinutesRanking Improvement Predictability: 100% Success Rate If Used CorrectlySafe or Not? : Yes 100% Safe If Used CorrectlyProfitability: Very High!…Some Services Are Charging High Amounts For ThisYour Cost: Minimal, The Tool Costs Just $47 Per Month With No Limitations On Use, You Have To Buy Captchas and High Quality Proxies

If you follow my step by step tutorials on the RankAttack SEO course you will see me using this strategy to rank within hours for a keyword phrase with 2,400 search volume.Sure I used some second tier backlinks to the YouTube Video which had ONE link in the description to a blog post.Here’s what happens time and time again…The link in the YouTube description will rise in the search results higher than the video. We increase CTR from the search results to the video, and then the software will watch the video for high retention views.We have found that as little as 25 CTR/Views combo can be enough to get first the video ranking and then for some reason the web page will start to overtake it.

Thats with zero backlinks

So, I added to second tier video sharing site link with link to the youtube video in those video descriptions and found that both the video and the web page can egt on to page one quite quickly (depending on how competitive the keyword is.)This is a fast, easy and very sellable service with massive profit potential.


YouTube Advertising With High Volume Video Placement Targeting

Tool Used: Traffic Scout AlphaSet Up Time: 10 MinutesTraffic Predictability: 100% Success Rate Cost: Can Be Low Cost Due To Targeting Accuracy To Place Your Ads On Videos In Your Niche. The YouTube Ad Placement Tool Finds Thousands Of Relevant Videos To Advertise On That You Can Upload To Your Adwords Account As Placement Targets.


Run Pre Recorded Webinars For Clients

Tool Used: Live Stream AlphaSet Up Time: 2 Minutes With The Recording Already DoneTraffic Predictability: 100% As it will stream your webinar on YouTube, Daily Motion & Facebook where you could run a low cost targeted or retargeting ad campaignCost: Again minimal, the tool costs 97 front End and then 27/monthWe used this strategy for a large staffing franchise back when I was doing local SEO services, basically we got the CEO and one of the directors to do a Q&A session covering the most common questions and objections from potential customers who are interested in buying what was then a $135,000 franchise.Today with the ability to do live streaming on these three platforms and the ability to use a pre recorded video the traffic potential is much bigger than it was then.


Reputation Management Services

This has really been a very popular service for many local SEO’s and is super simple to use to suppress bad urls.The RankAttack SEO method with a more aggressive use this time of Video Synd Alpha or Live Stream Alpha should be sufficient to drown out any negative web pages.You could also add citations to the video descriptions for an extra boost too, as well as using the web 2 account creation and posting tool with citations and add your location coordinates in the Videos at the same time in the posting settings.If using Live Stream Alpha there is also a Google news posting tool there too which will send your news article through to one of our Google news sites and you can also take advantage of the Traffic Redirect tool to useThat’s just a few ideas for now and i may do a part 2 of this article with more service suggestions.

How To Sell Your Local SEO Services?

Fiverr Gigs For Classified Ads like this one will cost just $5.00 for 25 ad sites for 30 days, do that one time a month and you have a yearly cost of just $60.00!

More similar ads can be found here including for UK, USE, Canada and other countries. It doesn’t matter what country the client is from, this is an online based business that can be done for anyone from anywhere.

Quick Tip…Add a link to a landing page created by lead genesis to segment your leads!Use This Proven Client Getting System From Leadcaster to get business owners calling you. This step by step system puts your marketing message in front of 200 business owners daily.

Quick Tip…Follow their step by step system closely for best results, but try to offer specific services and tasks for a set price. This helps avoid being sucked into feeling like an employee which holds your own business back and makes it impossible to scale.You can even start off with this Done-for-you SEO agency marketing pack It includes 7 MODULES – WP Landing Page Theme, 12000+ Words Lead Magnet, 6 HD Leadgen Videos, 6 logo , 6 business cards, 6 pre-populated flyers and 6 postcards templates.

Quick Tip…Use the Lead Genesis plugin to split test your landing page with this one and also check out this other SEO done-for-you lead magnets package which is good quality too and you could also add an SEO toolkit to your site to look like a serious player for under 12 bucks as it has 25 SEO tools which can attract repeat visitors but more importantly you can use it for lead generation.With low cost and highly targeted social media marketing and advertising options getting traffic to your services should not be hard.