The Traffic Scout System: Mass Page Building Wikipedia Style

Posted on August 5, 2018November 23, 2018Posted in SEO, Tutorials

I recently did a post about internal linking and maximising it with automated via tags, sitemaps, silo structures and mass page building for the purpose of discovering keywords that are easy to rank for and that have traffic too.As it turned out I did the course and created the wordpress template that I mentioned in that post and it evolved into a course that took two weeks to complete and 4 restarts as I kept improving it.So finally after hours of recording, condensed down to about 20 videos (with a further 20 or so earlier videos discarded) and a template that can be imported to run these campaigns quickly it’s now ready.So how the course was dome is important, I started off with some guidelines which I wrote out in a Google slide.

  • Create a Traffic Scout Site for keyword research purposes.
  • We may later redirect this site (where, when and why later, its not what you may be thinking)
  • But not ​​​​before we find our easy to rank keywords that have traffic
  • We will use my wp traffic scout plugin to make 100’s of posts (not thousands) per campaign but we will make many campaigns
  • We will use indexing plugins including WP RSS Xtreme, Google Plus RSS Xtreme & Others
  • We will test a range of rank tracker tools to track the rankings And an Analytics plugin to track the traffic, (failing that being sufficient for this strategy I will build one that updates multiple times a day.)
  • We will use traffic stats plugins to tell us what posts have traffic and for what keywords
  • To do this strategy we need a combination of plugins and I will add a list of these in this doc
  • These tools can be really beneficial if used the way that I will show you to take the guesswork of of keyword research.
  • Make The Site User Friendly…Google Loves That And It Can Boost Your Seo

To Take This Further I Also Added In The Following Guidelines

  • One Traffic Scout Campaign For One Main Site Article
  • Using WordPress (But Not Your Main Site)
  • ​Automated On Site & On Page SEO
  • MultiMedia Content & Natural Outbound Links
  • Automated Backlinks

As the course progressed and after several days of server changes, and resolving plugin conflicts and removing plugins that didn’t seem to be able to help in the way that I had first thought, I was able to break down what I had actually built out

Lets Look Inside WordPress & Break Down What’s There With The Latest Traffic Scout System

  • 5 Types Of Plugins
  • ​4 Types Of Internal Links
  • ​3 Types Of Automated On Site Content
  • 6 Types Of Automated Offsite Content
  • 3 Types Of Outbound Links (Video, Image, Contextual)
  • Long Arrow RightThis Creates Multiple Site Silo Structures

Breaking This Down Further We Have…

5 Types Of Plugins:

  • SEO (On Page. On Site & Off Site)- Internal Links, RSS, Auto Optimize, MultiMedia, Schema, Sitemaps
  • ​Content (Mass Page, Autoblog, MultiMedia)
  • ​Database Cleaners
  • Stats (Traffic & Rank Tracking)
  • Marketing Elements – Optins, Push, Retargeting

4 Types Of Internal Links:

  • Contextual (Auto Internal Links, Related Posts, Hashtags)
  • ​On Page (Tags, 3 x Related Posts, Image Links)
  • On Site (Sitemaps, Categories, Tags, Grid Posts)
  • Site Wide (Navigation, Sidebar)

3 Types Of On Site Content:

  • Mass Page Building
  • ​Auto Blogging
  • MultiMedia
  • Maybe 4 (If Can Automated Do Content Injection To Existing Posts)

7 Types Of Automated Offsite Content:

  • RSS SEO Strategies Using Google Properties
  • ​RSS Feeds Used Are From WordPress Posts, Categories, Tags & Domain
  • Web 2.0 / Social Backlinking (Using Video Synd Alpha)
  • Video Sharing Site Backlinks (Using Video Synd Alpha)
  • Long Arrow RightSocial Bookmarks (Using Video Synd Alpha)
  • Long Arrow Right5 Super Fast Indexing Strategies (Used After Each Campaign)
  • Long Arrow RightPinging (Posts And XML, Video, Image Sitemaps)

When You Add All This Up…This Is What We Are Automating With The On Page SEO

  • MassPage Building
  • ​Auto Tagging
  • Automated Interlinking Posts (contextual, related posts)
  • Internal Links Via HTML Sitemap, Related posts, Tag Clouds, Grid Posts
  • Long Arrow RightAutomated Rank Tracking & Traffic Analysis
  • Long Arrow RightAutomated Image Optimization
  • Long Arrow RightAutomated Schema
  • Long Arrow RightTraffic Scout Plugin Automation On Top Of ThatH Tags, External Linking, Alt Tags, Spinning, Unique Multi Media, Footer Links (Optional), Taken further by using Hashtags

“It sounds like a lot of work (and it was to set it up first time), but now that it has been set up, it has now been exported into a template that can simply be imported into new Traffic Scout sites when needed.”

What I have decided to do is to give the course out free and upsell a bundle of tools to come with it (including the wordpress template with all plugins configured that can be configured without causing conflicts after importing to new domains).

These include:

  • Traffic Scouting 2018 Course. A step by step course on setting up your wordpress site
  • ​Finding suitable keywords with both free and premium tools
  • Adding content that is sticky to reduce bounce rates and improve dwell time.
  • The WordPress Template That I Created In The Course With Plugins Configured
  • Long Arrow RightThe WP Traffic Scout Plugin
  • Long Arrow RightWP RSS Extreme Plugin
  • Long Arrow RightSilo Alpha Plugin
  • Long Arrow RightGoogle Plus RSS Plugin
  • Long Arrow RightAnd Another Additional Upgrade Option for Auto Blog Alpha Plugin

Check Out The Video About The Bundle & Learn More About The Traffic Scout System for 2018

Get The Traffic Scout System Here

Free Course


  • 20 + Videos
  • 4 Types Of Internal Linking
  • 4 Types Of Plugins
  • check6 Types Of Offsite SEOBest Free Keyword Tools
  • checkPremium Keyword Tools
  • check1 Minute Easy Keywords
  • check3 Types Of Content
  • checkCollection Of Free Plugins Used

Traffic Scout Bundle


  • Free Course Plus…
  • WP Traffic Scout
  • WP RSS Xtreme
  • checkGoogle Plus RSS XtremeSilo Alpha
  • checkWordPress Template
  • checkPre Configured Plugins Installed
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Bundle Upgrade


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